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Join our Upcycling Project and get 10% off your next order!
T.E.i does not create any textile waste. However, a lot of our fabrics are non-recyclable and we know that this can cause significant damage to the ecosystem if we do not manage our system well. This is why we started our Upcycling Project.

Return your used T.E.i items back to us and get 10% off your next order!

Once your piece from T.E.i serves it's purpose, send us an email at Do not forget to include "Upcycling Project" as the email's subject. We will then confirm your return and all there will be left to do is to send your item(s) back to us. After we have received the package - we will email you a promo code for 10% off your next order. It's quite simple!

All of the pieces returned to us will be upcycled and used in our Upcycling line. This way, our clothing will not end up on the landfill. We accept clothing in any condition, even if they're ripped, dirty, or stretched out.

Unfortunately, we cannot yet cover the shipping fee for this project. However, the good news is that you can use any postal service. Simply pop up into your local post office and aske for tracked delivery. The only reason we suggest using a tracked service is for us to be sure that the items will get to us 100%. Packages lost in the post are often discarded and sent to the landfill as well, and that completely destroys the purpose of this project.

Also, if you are in Moscow, you can pop into our office located at 17, Bol'shaya Andron'evskaya (see map and contact details in the "Contacts" section) and drop off your items. You will also get to see our manufacturing site as it is located in the same venue!

Even though we accept any T.E.i pieces in any condition, keep in mind, that this offer does not apply to returns made within 14 days of your purchase.

From time to time we host events where we also accept pieces from other brands! Keep up with the updates on our instagram @themptyindustry

And remember, we only have one Earth. Treat your mama right!
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